Join our family cookbook

We have created the recipe page for customers who want to remember love ones who have passed on in their lives. When my mother passed the holidays were upon us. Our first Thanksgiving and Christmas, were the hardest times for our family. Thankfully, we had the family cookbook. My mom took the time to write down all of our family recipes, where they came from and funny stories about the person who created the recipe. Every time we use our cookbook, it is like having mom still here.

So this is what we would like to do. We would like to invite our customers to add a loved one who you would like to remember to this page. List the relationship with the person, a funny story and that person’s favorite recipe. My hope is to create a collection of family memories and recipes that our customers can laugh, cry and share. So please accept my invitation to join our family cook book. It would mean a lot to have your family be associated with ours! Thank you!